The PCS Information and Computing Accreditation Board (PICAB) was formed by the Philippine Computer Society (PCS), the oldest IT professional organization in the country and the second oldest in Asia. PCS is the only qualified entity to represent the country for membership in the Seoul Accord as it conforms to the strict Seoul Accord requirement of an organization with individual IT practitioners as members. To further enhance its inclusion of IT practitioners in the country, PCS has teamed up with the Computing Society of the Philippines (CSP), the Philippine Society of IT Educators (PSITE) Foundation, and the Philippine Software Industry Association (PSIA) as founding organizations of PICAB. PICAB is a Provisional Member of the Seoul Accord since 2015. It intends to apply for full membership or signatory status in the Seoul Accord in the near future.

The Seoul Accord ( is a mutual recognition agreement (MRA)
which pertains to computing and IT-related programs accredited by its signatories
within their jurisdictions since 2008.

The Seoul Accord assists in determining if a computing or IT-related program in one
signatory’s jurisdiction is recognized in another jurisdiction for purposes of licensure
and registration, employment, or admission to graduate school.

The Seoul Accord’s Graduate Attributes identify the characteristics of graduates of all computing programs that fall within the scope of the accord. A signatory to the Seoul Accord may identify additional attributes that differentiate specific programs
accredited by the signatory.

Graduate attributes established by accrediting agencies form a set of individually assessable outcomes that indicate a graduate’s potential for competency in the profession. A graduate from an accredited program is expected to demonstrate these

At present, there are nine  (9) signatories of the Seoul Accord:

There are eight (8) Provisional Members:

PICAB Accreditation Timeline AC 2024-2025

Signatory Members of Seoul Accord

Provisional Members of Seoul Accord


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